DSQ > Spring 2008, Volume 28, No.2

Dad's Army*

Do you like Dad's Army? Asks a nine-year-old on D2

Some day my prince will come blasts the box

I'll throttle her barks granddad

Callipers standing to At-tension!

Hold both his hands

We don't want him to scratch do we?

Orders the anaesthetist gassing him with relish

Eyes rolling back dollish

Hi ho hi ho sing TV dwarves

To the girl with cerebral palsy

All your dreams come true they do

Only if you take the final apple

When our lad returns a nurse with Red Sea hair

Plays music to empty blue chairs

With the purple octopus nodding in the playroom

Plastic dinosaurs wait, as does the IKEA temple

Parents discuss which McDonald's

While we mutter our goodbyes

Cool teenagers slide inside for dialysis

Curled and swallowed by the chair she cries

As a toddler with dwarfism escapes

The TV now declares its history

"Dad's Army" was first published in Lost Passports by Charles Jason Lee (Leicester: Troubador Publishing, 2005), p. 33. Return to poem

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