Methodological Considerations in Life Course Theory Research


  • Nina Slota
  • Daniela Martin



life course, disability, methodology


Currently, disability studies is starting to apply a life course theory framework to some of its investigations. Given the strengths of each field, life course theory can greatly impact disability studies, and vice versa. For this cross pollination to reach its maximum potential, disability studies researchers need to understand life course methodology and the types of results that arise from these methods, as well as the implications of these results for the field of disability studies. This paper reviews life course methods as they apply to the field of disability studies. More specifically, methodological issues are highlighted through a study of individuals with traumatic brain injuries. The article illustrates the utility of life course theory as a tool to investigate the total life experiences of persons with disabilities and the implications of integrating non normative experiences into life course research.




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Slota, N., & Martin, D. (2003). Methodological Considerations in Life Course Theory Research. Disability Studies Quarterly, 23(2).