DSQ > Winter 2008, Volume 28, No.1

It was raining and I borrowed a hat from the hotel's doorman.

It was my birthday. I was all by myself.

I was born a twin and my identical brother died just hours after our birth.

I found that I was walking in Berlin and weeping in the rain.

I don't know: I must have been twenty five years old.

in those days I could see shapes as well as colors so I followed blue jackets essentially at random.

I recited silently a list of jazz standards:

Something To Remember You By

It Never Entered My Mind

Ballad of the Sad Young Men

Why Was I Born?


Hi Lili, Hi Lo

The Way We Were


Every Time We Say Goodbye

Peace Piece

Cry Me A River

Some Other Time

I'm Through With Love

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

One For My Baby

Thanks For the Memories (As sung by Rosemary Clooney)

I Got It Bad (Houston Person, Ron Carter)

O I walked for hours in the rain, blind and lonely in Berlin, with all those songs in my mind…

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