Disability Studies Quarterly
Fall 2000, Volume 20, No. 4
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for Disability Studies


The Minnesota Historical Society's Research Department each year makes available grants in several categories to support original research and writing leading to interpretive works on the history of Minnesota by academicians, independent scholars, and professional and nonprofessional writers. Preference is given to projects that will produce article or book length manuscripts to be considered for publication in Minnesota History, the Society's quarterly, or by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. Especially encouraged are projects that add a multicultural dimension to the area's history and that cover subjects not well represented in the published record, including agriculture, urban history, workers and work, historic preservation, and sports.


1. Mini-grants up to $500 for research expenses.

2. Visiting Scholar grants up to $1,000 for published scholars whose projects require research in Minnesota Historical Society collections.

3. Article grants up to $1,500 for expenses of conducting research planned to result in an article to be submitted to Minnesota History.

4. Major grants up to $5,000 for expenses of conducting research planned to result in a large-scale project such as a book.

Grants are not awarded to support work on dissertations or theses or to assist in the purchase of computers or other equipment.

Applications consist of a completed Application Form plus supplementary materials specifically requested. Application deadlines during the year are September 1, January 2, and April 1; awards are announced by November 1, March 1, and June 1. Applications for Mini-grants may be submitted at any time and will generally require one month to review. The grant program is funded on a fiscal-year basis, and the amount of funds available for grants may vary from year to year.

For a copy of the Research Grants Program Information and Guidelines and an Application Form, write to Deborah L. Miller, Research Supervisor, Minnesota Historical Society, 345 Kellogg Blvd. West, St. Paul, MN 55102 or send e-mail to debbie.miller@mnhs.org.