Fall 2008, Volume 28, No.4

hi petra

;-) in my state

economy with precision is key

heart core image feeling touch speak


just touch speak

i gaze et al


fine tune

with fear too and doubt

that i cant afford


i must have exorbitant amounts of fun

b l i m e y

Balance on the carousel

a carnival of fun:

carne vale: beware the flesh, heart core,

or hard rock café

where music rocks you around the clock

listen closely into the bars of steel

that hold you, secure, in your seat,

that keep gravity at bay

that dance in their old old rhythm

then slip out from under, feel the steel

touch the dangerous leather

fear the fall, doubt the ground:

speak with the red red tongue

of a rolling stone.

Here, on the ground, I look up:

I fear, for you, feel the fall, and see you fly,

ride on the wind. Do not leave me


.........and you Petra, i think, are asking me to stand up on the rrollercoaster and feel the wind

i also am feeling tremendously articulate in ways i can hardly imagine

my body has been a remarkable teacher..and you...the wind?

love neil

id love to lay with you

in sun in hot shade

in water


and talk of memories and sailing ships

xx00xx and hugs

you float

on my soft body

suspended in spring-fed water

iron brown below

small bird skeleton

on the beach, bleached

needles curve up

a crown of gentle thorns

muscled palm

on my white breast

fingernail traces an aureole

sun dogs dip down

old bones grow green

twigs and hollow tubes

whistle in the wind:

what do you remember


how do you fill all air?

how do we fly?

we move marked by our blood

we move open to the wind

we move in the bone

what sails our bodies make

i tremble now

a kiss,a moan,an ahhhhhh,an ouch

a more,or less a touch,a rub, a slither

a please, a show me..tell me true

its all unknown as yet

or how far we want

must talk.must feel and smell and touch.

oh god love.what is it? i always ask


oh petra,

how fragile the heart is

tho i try hard to make mine not

thats why i dont fall easily

or expect too much

but i can say i am kind and giving

and dont want to hurt you at all...


a gentle spank tho


How about a heart as wide and mobile as an octopus?

Arms reach out through breasts and spines,

caress, twist, touch fire and all elements:

pulled in, pulled out, pulsing

uncoil this somersault,

this cycle of embrace:

salty waters moisten thin membranes

salty tissues reach and swell

salty tears leave rivers on the skin,

pathways where eels swim.

All swim, I swim, forward and out, loop the loop

to the coral reefs and the blue ocean.

I just woke up hot

dream body circle all one

your arms touch my skin



I hear your kisses quite clearly

and hear us say ummmmmmmmmmmm and ahhhhhhhhhh

and i kiss you back as my lips are my most curious appendage

and yes ALFREDO OR MARINARA is good

as good as green algae

or oysters

i love sushi

but most of all i love sitting closer than youll see anybody sit.

i feel this joy of our joy

of seeing and feeling and loving the joy

and wide eyed trembling notations

i luv looking at you as i .................

or you..........................

or we ..................

its a dance like none other


creative kamasutra krip cryptics


if theres doubt in my voice

its a lot about my self perceived bodily limitations

in an unsureworld

love....i do not doubt

i thought of swimming

in YOUR lake


i just hav to get there

kneil my love

i shall anoint thee


fall asleep curled around your curl in

nautilus shell gnarled

spiral love

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