Vol 26, No 2 (2006)


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18061/dsq.v26i2

Table of Contents

Prefatory Matter

Editors' Preface
Beth Haller, Corinne Kirchner
News and Notes
Susan Baglieri


Promoting Disability-Friendly Campuses to Prospective Students: An Analysis of University Recruitment Materials
Beth A. Haller
Disability-Competent Health Systems
Susan E. Palsbo, June Isaacson Kailes

Theme Section: Education

Editors' Introduction IDEA at 30: Looking Back, Facing Forward — A Disability Studies Perspective
Jan W. Valle, David J. Connor, D. Kim Reid
'Reining In' Special Education: Constructions of "Special Education" in New York Times Editorials, 1975-2004
Nancy Rice
Reframing Special Education: Reclaiming Effective Education
Robin M. Smith
Voices in the Struggle: In Response to "'Reining In' Special Education"
Beth A. Ferri
Institutionalizing Inequity: Ableism, Racism and IDEA 2004
Gregg D. Beratan
One Size Does Not Fit All: A Response to Institutionalizing Inequity
Edward Garcia Fierros
Response to Beratan: Creating Equity through Challenging Ableism and Racism in IDEA
Susan Peters
An Unintended Consequence of IDEA: American Sign Language, the Deaf Community, and Deaf Culture into Mainstream Education
Russell S. Rosen
Rowley Reconsidered: The (Re)Constitution of Free Appropriate Public Education through Multiple Possible Discourses
Susan Baglieri
Deciding Who Gets to Decide
Susan Gabel
Infusing Disability in the Curriculum: The Case of Saramago's "Blindness"
Liat Ben-Moshe
The Again Familiar Trope: A Response to Infusing Disability in the Curriculum: The Case of Saramago's Blindness
Linda Ware
On Using Blindness as Metaphor and Difficult Questions: A Response to Ben-Moshe
Deborah J. Gallagher

Special Topic: Disability Studies in German Speaking Countries

Guest Editor's Introduction
Swantje Köbsell, Anne Waldschmidt
The Disability Rights Movement in Germany: History, development, present state
Swantje Köbsell
Self-Determination: The other side of the coin. Reflections on a central but ambiguous term of the German Disability Rights Movement
Rebecca Maskos, Birger Siebert
Normalcy, Bio-Politics and Disability: Some Remarks on the German Disability Discourse
Anne Waldschmidt
Governing Disability in Austria: Reflections on a changing political field
Ursula Naue
The Definition of Disability in (German and) International Discrimination Law
Theresia Degener
Fools: From marvels of nature to asylum inmates. Imaginations of natural folly
Ruth von Bernuth
Queering Disability. Homosexuality in residential facilities for people with mental disabilities
Sonja Dudek, Karin Jeschke, Ulrike Lehmkuhl

Cultural Commentary

Providing a Place in the New History of Disabilities for Communication Access
Judith Felson Duchan

Special Topic: Pedagogy in Disability Studies

Connect and Conquer: Why teachers should help disabled students connect with resources
Andrew Leibs
Being bent over backward: A mother and teacher educator challenges the positioning of her daughter with disabilities
Leigh M. O'Brien
Joint Venture, Joint Resolution
Ralph James Savarese

Book and Film Reviews

Autism and the Myth of the Person Alone
Kristina Chew
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
David Church
Encyclopedia of Ageism
Michael R. Cruse
Rory O'Shea was here
Beth Haller
Recollections of the institution: Personal reflections from people who lived in institutions for persons with mental retardation [video]
Ladislava Khailova
The Story of My Life: An Afghan Girl on the Other Side of the Sky
Kristina R. Knoll
Kurt Lindemann
Lest We Forget [CD]
Paul Marchbank
Out of joint: a private and public story of arthritis
Ann Millett
Blindsided. Lifting a Life Above Illness. A Reluctant Memoir
C. Brid Nicholson
Things No Longer There: A Memoir of Losing Sight and Finding Vision
Natalie Wilson


In memoriam, John Belluso, 1969-2006
Victoria Lewis
A tribute to playwright John Belluso
Ann Stocking
Tribute to dancer/choreographer Barry Martin
Simi Linton