Disability Studies Quarterly
Winter 2006, Volume 26, No. 1
Copyright 2006 by the Society
for Disability Studies

Editor's Preface

In the current issue, we are pleased to be able to offer, once again, a quality group of papers, both thematic and general, as well as reviews and essays. We present part 2 of the "Emerging Issues in the Study of Disability Policy and Law," guest-edited by Peter Blanck. While this part emphasizes certain highly "practical" aspects of law and policy — e.g., articles dealing with economic resources such as asset accumulation -- it also manages to encompass widely diverse theoretical perspectives, including a Foucauldian analysis of litigation. Readers who think a theme that focuses on law would be overly "legalistic" will be pleasantly surprised to find much in those papers to stimulate deeply humanistic considerations.

Similarly, the general papers offer a eclectic array of subjects — a paper on Helen Keller's place in German culture; a paper on Arturo Islas' book The Rain God and the image of the disabled male Chicano; a paper that analyzes the reporting of abuse among people with disabilities; and one that examines the legal implications of fatness and disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In our new occasional section, "Pedagogy in Disability Studies," Alex Lubet and Ingrid Hoffman, both of the University of Minnesota, provide a pedagogical script about a course they team-taught on disability, classical music, and film. It gives useful information for any instructor who might want more information on how to use the films discussed within a Disability Studies context. We encourage submissions for the pedagogy section by those of you who are using innovative techniques in teaching Disability Studies — a field that we expect to be particularly receptive to innovative ways of doing things.

Finally, we are pleased to report a staff addition. Susan Baglieri was promoted to become Assistant Editor in the summer, and Maria Molnar has joined us as our Editorial Assistant/Intern. Like Sue, Maria is a doctoral candidate at Teachers College, Columbia University, in curriculum and teaching with a focus in learning disability. Maria will help us with a variety of tasks, as well as a project we hope to host on the DSQ Web site sometime in 2006. Judy Norsigian, founding DSQ editor Irv Zola's widow, has helped us assemble a full set of DSQs from its beginning in 1982. Our goal is to post on the Web site the "Table of Contents" for all of the print DSQs. We think this will be an important Disability Studies resource, as well a way to expand knowledge and insight into DSQ's history.

Beth Haller & Corinne Kirchner
Co-Editors, DSQ

List of Reviewers

As we come to the end of our publishing year we hereby give a hearty public thanks to all of those scholars who have contributed to DSQ 2005 by lending their expertise as peer-reviewers. Your commitment to ensuring that DSQ publishes the highest quality of scholarship, as well as mentoring others in their writing, truly solidifies the strength of the professional Disability Studies community.

Robert C. Anderson
Center for Religion and Disability

Susan Baglieri
Teachers College, Columbia University

Maysaa Bazna
College of Staten Island

Lynne Bejoian
Teachers College, Columbia University

Mark Best
University of Pittsburgh

Peter Blanck
Law, Health Policy and Disability Center, University of Iowa

Arthur Blaser
Chapman University

Alicia Broderick
Teachers College, Columbia University

Brenda Brueggemann
Ohio State University

Fiona Campbell
Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

Allison Carey
Shippensburg University

Sumi Colligan
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Audra Colvert
Towson University

Stephanie Coopman
San Jose State University

Deborah Creamer
Iliff School of Theology

Scot Danforth
Ohio State University

Margaret Debenham
Independent scholar, United Kingdom

Andrew Feenberg
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Phil Ferguson
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Petya Fitzpatrick
University of Tasmania, Australia

Doris Zames Fleischer
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Ann Fox
Davidson College

Melissa Frame
Clearwater Christian College

Greg Fraser
University of West Georgia

Anita Ghai
Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi, India

Larry Goldberg
CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media, Boston

Lelia Green
Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia

Beth Haller
Towson University

Michael Hardey
University of Newcastle, United Kingdom

Marie Hardin
Pennsylvania State University

Phil Harper
Deakin University, Australia

April Herndon
Intersex Society of North America; Gustavus College

Brigida Hernandez
DePaul University

Jeffrey Hinckleman
Carnegie Mellon University

Mary Killeen
CESSI and Fielding Graduate Institute

Corinne Kirchner
American Foundation for the Blind

David Klein
Law, Health Policy and Disability Center, University of Iowa

Georgina Kleege
University of California, Berkeley

Linda Komesaroff
Deakin University, Australia

Rose Kreston
Colorado State University

Susan B. Kretchmer
Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide

Petra Kuppers
Bryant University

Steve Kuusisto
Ohio State University

Denise Lance
Beach Center on Disability/ Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities

Gail Landsman
State University of New York- Albany

Kathleen LeBesco
Manhattan Marymount College

Lou Lewandowski
Freelance writer/poet, Santa Clara, California

Justine Lloyd
University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Alex Lubet
University of Minnesota

Zana Lutfiyya
University of Manitoba, Canada

Susan Magasi
University of Illinois-Chicago

Steve Maras
University of Sydney, Australia

Julie McLeod
Deakin University, Australia

Robert McRuer
George Washington University

Helen Meekosha
University of New South Wales, Australia

Carmen Moran
University of New South Wales, Australia

Robert Morsillo
Telstra Corporation, Australia

Bonnie O'Day
Cornell University

Rhoda Olkin
California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University

Deborah Olson
University of Oregon

Noam Ostrander
University of Illinois-Chicago

Susan Peters
Michigan State University

Justin Powell
Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen, Germany

Des Power
Griffith University, Australia

Margaret Price
Spelman College

D. Kim Reid
Teachers College, Columbia University

Dawn Reynolds
University of Maryland

Marcia Rioux
York University, Canada

Mary Esther Rohman
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

Alan Roulstone
University of Sunderland, United Kingdom

Priscilla Sanderson
Northern Arizona University

Helen Schartz
Law, Health Policy and Disability Center, University of Iowa

Lynn Schlesinger
State University of New York-Plattsburgh

James Schmeling
Law, Health Policy and Disability Center, University of Iowa

Mary Sesto
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Umesh Sharma
Monash University, Australia

Frank Sligo
Massey University, New Zealand

Deborah Stienstra
University of Manitoba, Canada

Kristina Straub
Carnegie Mellon University

Julian Thomas
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Michael Uniacke
Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria, Australia

Marika Warren
University of Toronto, Canada

Darrell West
Brown University

Barry Witham
University of Washington

Kathi Wolfe
Freelance writer/poet, Falls Church, Virginia

Frieda Zames
Disabled in Action; New Jersey Institute of Technology (October 29,1932-June 16, 2005)