As the semester comes to an end, as perhaps at all times, our lives are a complex blend of being, doing, and feeling. Our beings, our doings, and our feelings manifest themselves as the themes of this issue; as well as in our activism, teaching, intellectual lives, and personal contemplations. We recognize that the lines drawn between being, doing, and feeling are permeable and fluid, and perhaps even arbitrary, but suggest that these themes can help us make sense not only of these articles but also of our daily lives.

Being, our first theme, is explored in articles philosophical, historical, and literary. Each article explores how being is claimed by, crafted with others, and variably foisted upon people with disabilities. In addition, the set raises questions about how scholars can pursue and analyze states of being. A second set of articles is brought together by the theme of doing. Each article investigates structural and personal efforts to do the being, or to shape how others do the being of disability. These include educational, political, employment, and ethical contexts. Finally, feeling brings together a third set of articles. In these articles feeling is simultaneously physical, sensory, and affect-ive, and of structural, intellectual, and political consequences.

We continue to invite submissions, and look forward to reading your materials.

At this time, we also seek reviewers for creative writing submissions. If interested please email Dr. Allyson Day.

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