We are so excited to put together our first issue of DSQ! We inherited a generous database of submissions that reflect the diverse range of disciplines and interdisciplinary thought that Disability Studies brings to academic spaces, activist circles and kitchen tables.

As we work to foster another generation of scholarship in our Disability Studies community, we are careful to center work that speaks across disciplines, addresses social inequalities through rigorous intersectional analysis, and values the lived experience of people with disabilities. We look forward to reading both creative and academic submissions, understanding that sometimes the most complex ideas are best conveyed through artistic practice.

Three themes lent themselves to organizing this issue. The first theme is "Re-reading." Each article in this group looks at texts that some of us may know well and provides us with a new lens for which to read and understand our field, from Aristotle to Foucault's mentor Canguilhem to our contemporary horror-genre writers/creators, Stephen King and Tim Burton.

The second theme is "Re-imagining." In this section, each article takes a concept or object entrenched in ableism and utilizes Disability Studies to provide a new way to imagine the future of that concept/object; from the U.S. military's use of video games for both recruitment and ptsd treatment to i-technology coverage.

Our third theme is "Re-framing." Articles in this section explore how individuals, laws and state structures, families, organizations, and activists frame, reframe, and reframe again disability and disability experiences. By so doing, they suggest future multiple models of disability analyses (and disability life) and how those models might lead to fruitful analyses, effective activism, and lives of relationship.

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