Discrimination, Sexuality and People with Significant Disabilities: Issues of Access and The Right to Sexual Expression in the United States

Holly Wade


A review of legislation, policy and practice was conducted to outline the conflicting issues that contribute to the currently widespread discrimination of people with significant disabilities in the United States and their access to sexuality education and expression. Although many individuals with significant disabilities face discrimination on multiple levels, barriers to sexuality seem pervasive in most environments that people encounter. While some individuals with significant disabilities have been successful in establishing and maintaining intimate relationships, many continue to face isolation in the communities in which they live. This paper will outline the issues that surround and contribute to the discrimination of people with significant disabilities in the United States with regard to their right to sexuality and discuss the need for new policies that will serve as potential remedies for this national problem.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18061/dsq.v22i4.369

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