Constraints in Access to Assistive Technologies - and Communication - for Hard-of-Hearing People in the Russian Federation and in Germany

Karina Chupina



assistive listening devices, accessibility, hard of hearing, hearing aid, communication, procedures, rehabilitation


This paper is an attempt to shed light on the specific constraints faced by hard of hearing (HoH) people in accessing assistive listening devices that are vital to their communication capability, functionality and participation in the society. It will focus on the situation of HoH people in such countries as Germany and the Russian Federation – the countries that were part of the first international research project "Hard of Hearing Young People in Europe: developing strategies on access to equal participation, social inclusion and protection of human rights." The project, the only of its kind, has been conducted by IFHOHYP, the International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People, and was supported by the Council of Europe. The research was conducted through analysis of the results of the a) quantitative questionnaires on access to information, education, employment, communication, governmental support and knowledge of national protective legal framework – the questionnaires were disseminated amongst HoH individuals in several European countries; b) qualitative semi-structured interviews with the experts in the field (policy experts, leaders of the non-profit organizations of/for people with hearing loss, government representatives).


assistive listening devices; accessibility; hard of hearing; hearing aid; communication; procedures; rehabilitation

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