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Back, Lindsey T., Northeastern Illinois University (United States)
Baggs, Amanda
Baglieri, Susan
Bail, Margaret
Bailey, Courtney W., Allegheny College (United States)
Baker, Bernadette
Baker, Dana Lee
Baker, Dana Lee
Baker, Diana, Boston College (United States)
Baldwin, Clive
Ball, Katie
Ball, Phoebe
Ban, Steph, Independent Scholar
Banks, SusanRae
Baril, Alexandre, University of Ottawa (Canada)
Baril, Alexandre, School of Social Work, University of Ottawa (Canada)
Barile, Maria
Barnartt, Sharon, Gallaudet University
Barnartt, Sharon N.
Barnes, Colin
Barnes, Colin, The University of Leeds
Barnes, Elena V.
Baron, Richard C., Temple University (United States)
Barritt, Anna, University of Oklahoma (United States)
Bartels, Dianne, Professor Emeritus, Center of Bioethics, Department of Medicine, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. PhD and RN (United States)

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