Disability Studies Quarterly
Summer 2006, Volume 26, No. 3
Copyright 2006 by the Society
for Disability Studies

Editors' Preface

Many of you probably have seen the letter on the SDS listserv from SDS Board member Anne Finger about the appointment of the new DSQ editors. Our three-year stint as editors will be complete at the end of this calendar year. Both of us are moving on to new ventures and chose not to re-apply for the DSQ editor position. So we are extremely pleased that we will be handing DSQ over to such stellar successors.

The three new co-editors for Disability Studies Quarterly are Brenda Brueggemann, Scot Danforth and Steve Kuusisto, all of whom are professors at Ohio State University (OSU) in Columbus.  Brenda Brueggemann, an Associate Professor of English, is the coordinator of both the American Sign Language Program at OSU and of the Disability Studies minor. Stephen Kuusisto, an Assistant Professor of English, is the author of Planet of the Blind: A Memoir and a book of poetry, Only Bread, Only Light. Scot Danforth is an Associate Professor in the School of Teaching and Learning at OSU. His research includes practice-oriented publications on working with troubling students, sociological studies of the social construction of disability in everyday language, and philosophical analyses of the politics of disability in educational research. 

In addition to their excellent credentials, their tenure will bring many additional resources to the journal; notably, multiple academic departments and the library at Ohio State have committed to helping support DSQ.

During this transition time, the group most affected will be authors submitting papers for peer review. Because of the several month-long peer review process, authors submitting papers for peer review should send them to the new DSQ editors after July 4, 2006. Anyone with commentaries or essays for the fall issue can still submit them to us, if it is before August 15, 2006. We anticipate a very smooth transition, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us this summer or fall.

The new DSQ editors can be contacted by regular mail, phone, or email to:

The Editors
c/o Prof. Stephen Kuusisto
466  Denney Hall
Department of English
The Ohio State University
164 W. 17th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

The telephone contact number for now is 614-292-4642 -- Prof. Kuusisto's office number.  The editors can also be contacted at their individual email addresses:

Brenda Brueggemann: brueggemann.1@osu.edu

Stephen Kuusisto: kuusisto.1@osu.edu

Scot Danforth: danforth.10@osu.edu

Turning to the present issue -- the next-to-last under our editorship — we are pleased to offer such rich summer reading. The contributions span several categories for which we, with gratitude, rely on the editorial assistance of others.

First, Assistant Editor Sue Baglieri has once again compiled an informative section of "News and Notes." Next, we present two peer-reviewed "general articles." Although their topics and approaches differ in many respects, it is interesting to note that both address the formation of attitudes toward (i.e., the social constructions of) disability. Beth Haller and Sue Ralph studied images in advertising using a cross-national framework (U.S. and U.K.), whereas Joan Ostrove and Danette Crawford studied "interability" encounters from the perspective of (U.S.) women with disabilities.

Next comes the theme section on "Religion and Spirituality," Guest-edited by Gerry Hendershot and Nancy Eiesland. As with the last several themes featured in DSQ, the announcement of this theme struck a resonant chord among potential contributors. So many submissions were received, of which enough successfully passed the hurdle of peer reviews, that we are scheduling Part 2 on that theme for the Fall 2006 issue.

Johnson Cheu, Poetry/Fiction editor, has provided three peer-reviewed creative contributions, written respectively by Kimberly Fields, Gena Smith, and Suzanne Stolz. Lastly, the Book & Film Reviews section in this issue totals fully 16 items, including some edited by Katie LeBesco, Reviews editor for Humanities, and some by Linda Long, Reviews editor for Social Science.

All in all, there is much edification and enjoyment awaiting you in this issue.

Beth Haller
Corinne Kirchner
DSQ Co-Editors

Copyright (c) 2006 Beth Haller, Corinne Kirchner

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