DSQ > Winter 2008, Volume 28, No.1

Our astute readers are already pausing in this first sentence to wonder how our DSQ editorial team has suddenly decreased from three musketeers to just two. Our colleague and good friend, Steven Kuusisto, recently left Ohio State to join the esteemed Creative Writing faculty at the University of Iowa. With the move and the initiation of new duties, Steve has reluctantly stepped down from DSQ. We leftover editors — Brenda and Scot — thank Steve for his significant contributions to this journal, and for his unrelenting and irreverent humor all along the way. We wish Steve (and Vidal) well. In this issue, Steve has contributed a poem as a farewell.

We are also undergoing some transitions on the Editorial Board. We have initiated a rotation system that allows Board members to serve for three years stints before rotating out. A group of Board members who have served DSQ for years is departing, and very soon a new batch will step in to pick up the banner. We thank outgoing Board members Paul Longmore, Bonnie O'Day, Sharon Barnartt, Doris Zames Fleischer, Andrew Houtenville, Michael P. LaPlante, David Mitchell, Sue Schweik, and Steven Taylor for the tremendous service that they have provided to the journal.

This Winter issue contains a little something for every reader; articles, stories, essays, and poems. As usual, Laurie Lambeth has put together a nice bundle of reviews.

Once again we are fortunate to have a special theme section. Goeffrey Reaume has compiled a solid and diverse set of papers from the Canadian Disability Studies Association. We are thankful to Geoffrey for his thoughtful and patient editorial work.

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