Disability Studies Quarterly
Winter 2005, Volume 25, No. 1
Copyright 2005 by the Society
for Disability Studies

Editor's Preface

As we embark on our second year of editing DSQ, there is much to celebrate with our readers, and much to anticipate. (Read on to learn about some imminent changes).

We celebrate the success of DSQ's transition to a formal peer review process for most articles. Specifically, we celebrate the dedicated colleagues who have done the critical (in both senses) work involved in peer reviewing.

The list of reviewers over the past year is at the end of this Preface. Readers of DSQ -- an evolving journal with a uniquely broad disciplinary scope -- benefit from the reviewers' work, and from the generous spirit they bring to it.

Reviewers have not only winnowed submissions down to the short list of publishable papers. Most of them have also provided suggestions for authors to improve even the papers they judged to be publishable. Equally importantly, most have implemented our aim to provide a nurturing and instructive environment for authors whose papers were not accepted.

(We apologize for any inadvertent omissions from the reviewers' list and will correct oversights brought to our attention.) This is also an opportunity to welcome volunteers as reviewers. Please send a CV and keywords to indicate your preferred areas for reviewing. Of course, our response will depend largely on what articles are submitted for review.

Now, for what to anticipate. The main event is highlighted on the DSQ Home Page. "Password protected" is coming! Early in 2005 (i.e., after this issue has been posted for a few weeks), only members of the Society for Disability Studies (SDS) will automatically receive a password giving them access to the whole DSQ site. (To become a member, go to: www.uic.edu/orgs/sds.) We will, however, provide a password via a separate subscription to DSQ, priced of course to keep SDS membership competitive. Those without a password will have access to limited sections of the site: general information about DSQ, information for authors with example papers, one example of a theme section, theTable of Contents of each issue, and the continually updated Calls for Papers section. As production costs rise, this move is essential to assure DSQ's continuance and some expansion. Please note that these costs cover the technical side of the DSQ web site construction, which we are committed to making one of the most accessible sites available. The co-editors and reviewers receive no compensation for their work.

At the same time – and this is really good news -- DSQ will become an offering at libraries that subscribe to EBSCOhost, which offers databases of thousands of full-text academic journals and other publications through its Academic Search Premier.

Continuing what has been an off-and-on DSQ "tradition" started by previous DSQ editors, the Winter issue does not have a theme section, only general papers, commentary, fiction, and a rich set of book and film reviews So we leave you now to enjoy the wonderful variety of the Winter 2004/5 issue.

Beth Haller
Corinne Kirchner
Co-Editors, DSQ

List of Reviewers

Lynne M. Bejoian
Teachers College, Columbia University

Gary Bergman
Theater By The Blind

Lucy Birbiglia

Kathy Boxall
University of Manchester, UK

James R. Brennan
Russell Sage College

Thomas Bucaro
College of Staten Island, CUNY

James L. Cherney
Westminster College

Tracy Chu
American Foundation for the Blind

Kim Crawford
University of Pittsburgh
Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition Program

Deborah B. Creamer
Illiff School of Theology

Scot Danforth
University of Missiouri-St. Louis

Telory W. Davies
Stanford University

Jim Ferris
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Doris Zames Fleischer
New Jersey Institute of Technology & Disabled in Action

Susan Gabel
National Louis University

William C. Gaventa
The Boggs Center, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Elain Gerber
American Foundation for the Blind

Martin Gould
National Council on Disability

Beth Haller
Towson University

Sean Harris
University of Illinois, Chicago

Molly Haslam

Reiko Hayashi
University of Utah

Katherine Hayward
University of California, Los Angeles

Bruce Henderson
Ithaca College

Michelle Jarman
University of Illinois, Chicago

Demtra John
University of Illinois, Chicago

Corinne Kirchner
American Foundation for the Blind

Georgina Kleege
University of California, Berkeley

Cathy Kudlick
University of California, Davis

Petra Kuppers
Bryant College

Katie LeBesco
Marymount Manhattan College

Lou Lewandowski
San Jose State University

Simi Linton

Linda M. Long
Heller School, Brandeis University

Paul K. Longmore
San Francisco State University

Robert McRuer
George Washington University

Ann E. Millett
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Lori Murray
University of Pittsburgh
Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition Program

Irma Ozer
Attorney at Law

Melanie R. Panitch
School of Disability Studies, Ryerson University

David Scalzitti
American Physical Therapy Association

John Schroedel
University of Arkansas

Susan M. Schweik
University of California, Berkeley

Richard Scotch
University of Texas, Dallas

Katherine D. Sherwood
University of California, Berkeley

Elizabeth S. Simpson
University of Wyoming

Sara A. Vogt
University of Illinois, Chicago

Kathi Wolfe
Freelance Writer/Poet, Falls Church, VA

Frieda Zames
New Jersey Institute of Technology Professor Emeritus & Disabled in Action