The Social Value of Death Versus Disability in Israel: Why It is Better to Die for Your Country


  • Noam Ostrander
  • Eynat Shevil



This study seeks to understand the different ways in which Israeli media depicted Israelis killed, wounded and disabled during the first six months of the Al-Aqsa Intifada (29 September 2000 — 1 April 2001). Specifically, this paper examines how the news articles differed in content when the individual was killed versus wounded and disabled. A content analysis using terrorism search terms in Yediot Ahronot, a popular Hebrew-language newspaper in Israel, was conducted. The results illustrate a vast disparity in the number of articles written about Israelis killed versus Israelis wounded. This occurred despite the fact that for every Israeli killed, twelve more were injured during the time period of this study. Additionally, content differences existed in the news articles if individuals were killed as opposed to wounded and disabled. While this paper cannot definitively explain these differences, several possible explanations are suggested.






Special Topic: The State of Disability in Israel/Palestine