my hair grows on top of an invisible zipper
                                    separating high from low
                       there is a receptacle ready
           for the three prong kind, plenty of electricity
                       to shock me into being
                                    a part of your world

picture of jars of canned goods and three blue boxes with a woman in them and picture of white background with various colored string sewn on it with needles, two brown eggs, a white winganda person's arms and torso holding a chicken

my arms stretch beneath my plastic wrap armor
and I stick and crinkle as my fingers
trace the worry beads on my wrist over and over
music notes
I read messages and sing
from my fingertips

two pictures: Photo on left is black and white. Three boys and one woman are holding plastic glasses over their eyes while another woman looks at them over a chain link and barbed wire fence. Photo on the right is of a green-walled room with a chandelier, a vase of small white flower and three vases on a wooden table and a chair. Below the room is a black background with white sheets hanging on a clothes line.

my legs are connected with rubber bands
                                                                      they bounce apart and together
a springy marionette
                                                                               tapping a silent rhythm
pumping the fuel
                                                                          to my heart and other organs

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