Call for Submissions

Special Issue of Theory and Research in Social Education: Critical Studies and Social Education

Guest editors:

  • Jack L. Nelson, Emeritus, Rutgers University
  • William Stanley, Monmouth University
  • Cinthia Salinas, University of Texas at Austin

Theory and Research in Social Education (TRSE) welcomes manuscripts on the topic of critical studies and social education, and the implications of critical studies in social studies, social sciences, history, and social issues.

Manuscripts which reinterpret or criticize existing critical studies literature for social education are also welcome, as are international, global, and comparative manuscripts.

Accepted manuscripts will be published in a special issue of TRSE, an issue which will also commemorate the contributions of Cleo Cherryholmes, Michigan State University, to the literature of critical studies and to the establishment of TRSE as its first editor in 1972-73.

Critical studies, including critical theory, critical pedagogy, culture studies, and their many branches (i.e., critique to change or transform society rather than to explain it), provide significant ideas for examining theory and practice in social education.

We look for manuscripts using critical perspectives to examine social studies theory, curriculum, and instruction in terms of:

  1. interests represented in mainstream and traditional social studies;
  2. ideological roots of social studies, history, and related disciplines;
  3. social impact of class, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.;
  4. culture wars, character education, censorship, and human rights;
  5. socialization, Americanization, corporatization, globalization, and media; and
  6. civics, citizenship, and democratic education.

Manuscripts are limited to a maximum of 6000 words, should conform to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed., 2010), will undergo peer review, and will be considered only with the understanding that they are original material and are not being considered for publication elsewhere.

Manuscripts must be received by October 15, 2012 for consideration for the special issue, planned for Fall, 2013. For questions and information, please contact:

Authors should send a Word version of the manuscript by email to the editor of TRSE, Patricia G. Avery, University of Minnesota, at

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