The DSQ/Disability Studies Community Blog is Live!


Disability Studies Quarterly proudly presents a new community forum for thinkers, makers, and shakers in disability studies, the DSQBlog



We envision this space as a lively hub for DS academics, disability justice activists, and disabled artists to dialogue as co-conspirators without the disciplinary and institutional siloing that typically stalls or prevents collaboration. In its inaugural form, the blog opens as a space for book and media reviews of new contributions in disability studies. We have many thoughtful reviews documenting the flourishing vibrancy of our field coming your way! There are also a few creative pieces, a conversation/interview, and a couple of reflective blogposts from our Spring 2022 undergraduate DSQ interns.  Enjoy!


As the blog expands in the coming months, we hope to publish a variety of shorter-form, mixed media pieces, including interviews with artists, authors, and activists, performance pieces, poetry, syllabi, teaching reflections, notes from the field/s, and other offerings **yet to be imagined.** Be on the lookout for future calls for submissions!


The DSQ Editorial Team

Elizabeth, Brenda, Kelsey

Interns:  Ally & Jess

Design Team:  Cara & Fabrizzio