Vol 22, No 2 (2002)

Papers from the International Disability and Diversity Institute

Table of Contents


The Philosophical Foundations of Disability Studies html PDF
David Pfeiffer
Paradigms of American Social Research on Disability: What's New? html PDF
Richard Scotch
What Is Disability Culture? html PDF
Steven Brown
Deafness as Culture: A Psychosocial Perspective html PDF
Megan Jones
The Competence Line in American Suffrage Law: A Political Analysis html PDF
Kay Schriner
An Australian Perspective On Quality Outcomes of Inclusive Employment html PDF
Trevor Parmenter
The Effects of Language and Culture Variables to the Rehabilitation of Bilingual and Bicultural Consumers: A Review of Literature Study Focusing on Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans html PDF
Lucy Wong-Hernandez, Daniel Wong
Summary Comments on the International Disability and Diversity Studies Institute html PDF
Lillian Brown
Toward A Non-Dualistic Disability Paradigm: Beyond Connectedness html PDF
Clark Ratliffe, Janice Haley
Bibliography -- An Annotated Bibliography on Children with Disabilities html PDF
Gina Benavente, David Pfeiffer
Other Research -- Information Technology for Protected Individuals: A Survey of Current Status html PDF
Manouchehr Tabatabaei
From the Field -- Mahamudra Disability: Ancient India-Tibetan Social Theory html PDF
Jim Cohn
From the Field -- Dr. Jack A. Nelson: Early Pioneer of Media and Disabilities html PDF
Matt Jensen
Resources, Announcements, Subscription Information, Future Issues html PDF
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