Vol 22, No 2 (2002)

Papers from the International Disability and Diversity Institute

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18061/dsq.v22i2

Table of Contents


The Philosophical Foundations of Disability Studies
David Pfeiffer
Paradigms of American Social Research on Disability: What's New?
Richard Scotch
What Is Disability Culture?
Steven Brown
Deafness as Culture: A Psychosocial Perspective
Megan Jones
The Competence Line in American Suffrage Law: A Political Analysis
Kay Schriner
An Australian Perspective On Quality Outcomes of Inclusive Employment
Trevor Parmenter
The Effects of Language and Culture Variables to the Rehabilitation of Bilingual and Bicultural Consumers: A Review of Literature Study Focusing on Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans
Lucy Wong-Hernandez, Daniel Wong
Summary Comments on the International Disability and Diversity Studies Institute
Lillian Brown
Toward A Non-Dualistic Disability Paradigm: Beyond Connectedness
Clark Ratliffe, Janice Haley
Bibliography -- An Annotated Bibliography on Children with Disabilities
Gina Benavente, David Pfeiffer
Other Research -- Information Technology for Protected Individuals: A Survey of Current Status
Manouchehr Tabatabaei
From the Field -- Mahamudra Disability: Ancient India-Tibetan Social Theory
Jim Cohn
From the Field -- Dr. Jack A. Nelson: Early Pioneer of Media and Disabilities
Matt Jensen
Resources, Announcements, Subscription Information, Future Issues
The Editor