Vol 33, No 3 (2013)

Double Issue: Museum experience and blindness; general issue

Table of Contents

Special Topic: Museum Experience and Blindness, Introduction

Museum Experience and Blindness HTML
Nina Levent, Georgina Kleege, Joan Muyskens Pursley

Special Topic: Museum Experience and Blindness, Part 1: Best Practices

The Philosophical, Political and Religious Roots of Touch Exhibitions in 20th Century British Museums HTML
Simon Hayhoe
Sustainable Museum Access: A Two-way Street HTML
Nina Levent, Joan Muyskens Pursley
An Art History & Art Making Course for Blind Adults HTML
Street Thoma
Research on Methods of "Touching the World" ―The Aim of the Exhibit Area of Tactile Learning in Japan’s National Museum of Ethnology HTML
Kojiro Hirose
Museums: A Whole New World for Visually Impaired People HTML
Barry Ginley
Leveling the Participatory Field: the Mind's Eye Program at the Guggenheim Museum HTML
Georgia Krantz
Emphasizing Observation in a Gallery Program for Blind and Low-Vision Visitors: Art Beyond Sight at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston HTML
Bridget O'Brien Hoyt

Special Topic: Museum Experience and Blindness, Part 2: Curatorial Perspectives

Blind Photographers: Vision, Accessibility, and Empowerment in the Museum HTML
Douglas McCulloh
A New Model for Access in the Museum HTML
Carmen Papalia
Talking Blind: Disability, Access, and the Discursive Turn HTML
Amanda Cachia

Special Topic: Museum Experience and Blindness, Part 3: Personal Accounts

An Inspirational, Fashionable Force: Judith Druck, My Grandmother HTML
Elisabeth Axel
Getting the Picture: My Experience with Described Art HTML
Craig Werner
Some Touching Thoughts and Wishful Thinking HTML
Georgina Kleege
Hearing Architecture: A Review of Bill Fontana's "Sonic Shadows" HTML
Chris Downey
Notes from the Low Vision Gallery HTML
Stephen Kuusisto
From the Mind’s Eye: Museum and Art Gallery Appreciation for the Blind -- Canadian Perspectives HTML
Ruth Bieber, John Rae
A Docent’s Perspective: From Tour Guide to Advisor HTML
Donnelly Wilburn
Shared Visions: Reflections of a Blind Docent HTML
Judith Kahn Schmeidler
Mission and Low Vision: A Visually Impaired Museologist's Perspective on Inclusivity HTML
Joseph Wapner

Prefatory Matter

Editors' Introduction HTML
Bruce Henderson, Noam Ostrander

Humanities, Arts, and Media

Foucault and ‘the Right to Life’: from Technologies of Normalization to Societies of Control” HTML
Abram Anders
A Narrative Inquiry of Self Advocacy: Rethinking Empowerment from Liberal Sovereignty to Arendtian Spontaneity HTML
Stacy Anne Clifford
Becoming Educated: The Fight for Free and Appropriate Education by Parents of Children with Mental Retardation during the Post–World War II Decades HTML
Thomas Krainz
The Georgian Dactyl Alphabet HTML
Tamar Shota Makharoblidze
Interpretation Makes It Real: Disability and Subjectivity in Three Women Artists' Biopics HTML
Micki Nyman
"It’s a Jungle Out There:" Blackness and Disability in Monk HTML
Therí A Pickens
Segregating the Chickenheads: Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and the Post/humanism of the American Eugenics Movement HTML
Adam Pottle
Normalcy, Knowledge, and Nature in Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time HTML
Sarah Jaquette Ray

Social Sciences, Policy, and Applied Research

Improving Communication Across the Independent Living/Mental Health Divide HTML
Richard C. Baron, Linda Dezenski, Joseph Rogers
The Internet’s Empowering and Disempowering Qualities: Online (Re)presentation of Disabled Parents HTML
Kristin Björnsdóttir, Hanna B. Sigurjónsdóttir
"It's not like I have a disability or anything!" Perceptions of impairment and disability among rural, young people HTML
Lisa Bourke, Catherine Waite
Examining the influence of relationship to disability on the motivations of wheelchair basketball spectators HTML
Michael Paul Cottingham, Kevin Byon, Sheryl Chatfield, Michael Carroll
Test Anxiety: Benign or Malignant for Students with Vision Impairment? HTML
Poulomee Datta
Disability rights between legal discourses and policy narratives: An analysis of the European and Canadian frameworks HTML
Julia Hoffmann, Aliaa Dakroury
New Measures to Assess Attitudes and Intended Behaviors of Paid Caregivers toward Sexuality of Adults with Developmental Disabilities HTML
Shari L. Jorissen, Gary J. Burkholder
Workplace discrimination against Malaysians with disabilities: Living with it or fighting against it? HTML
Suet Leng Khoo, Ling Ta Tiun, Lay Wah Lee
Historical perspectives on studying families of children with disabilities: A case for critical research HTML
Priya Lalvani, Lauren Polvere

Creative Works/Cultural Commentary

How We Swim HTML
Jim Ferris
Dancing, Poetry, Pain: An Ekphrastic Etude HTML
Petra Kuppers

Book and Media Reviews

Review of Access All Areas: Live Art and Disability and M21: From the Medieval to the 21st Century HTML
Petra Kuppers
Acknowledging the Psycho-emotional Impacts of Disablism HTML
Akemi Nishida
Sexy Crips, or, Achieving Full Penetration HTML
Ellen Samuels
Review of Good Kings Bad Kings HTML
Gesine Wegner

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