Vol 27, No 1/2 (2007)

Disability Blogging

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18061/dsq.v27i1/2

Table of Contents

Special Topic: Disability Blogging

Editor's Introduction
Stephen Kuusisto
Performance and Digital Communication
Scott Rains
Wheelie Catholic
Ruth Harrigan
Blogging brings more of us to the table
The Goldfish
Get Around Guide
Darren Hillock
Making Connections: Linkages Through Disability Blogging
Kay Olson/ Blue
In Other Words: The radical nature of telling stories through blogging
Alicia "Kestrell" Verlager
A Dialog
Wheelchair Dancer
Wheelchair Princess
Emma Crees
Say It Ain't So
Stephen Kuusisto


Filthy Bodies, Porous Boundaries: The Politics of Shit in Disability Studies
Cindy LaCom

Cultural Commentary

Health Care, Euthanasia, Limiting Growth, and Sterilization: What Do They Mean For Disability Studies?
Phil Smith
Edna Edith Sayers
The Morays of Diminished Capacity in Boston Legal
Zenia Queen Warrior Zyprexa
Tobin Siebers
Jitka Sinecka

Book and Film Reviews

Review of Brothers of the Head
Dana Fore
Review of Elegy for a Disease: A Personal and Cultural History of Polio
Sarah Smith