Vol 31, No 3 (2011)

Disability and Rhetoric

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18061/dsq.v31i3

Table of Contents

Prefatory Matter

John Duffy, Melanie Yergeau
John Duffy, Melanie Yergeau

Disability and Rhetoric

James L. Cherney
Rick Carpenter
Sean Zdenek
Gerald O'Brien
Zosha Stuckey
Nicole Quackenbush
Katie Rose Guest Pryal
Jordynn Jack
Amanda K. Booher
Alicia A. Broderick
Joshua John Diehl, Julie Wolf, Lauren Herlihy, Arlen C. Moller
Jennifer L. Stevenson, Bev Harp, Morton Ann Gernsbacher
Essaka Joshua
Paula Campos Pinto
Yvonne Stephens
Shannon Walters
Laura A. Milner

Book and Film Reviews

Review of Grandin, Beyond the Spectacle of the Autistic Adult
Rochelle Gregory
Review of Bost, Encarnación: Illness and Body Politics in Chicana Feminist Literature
Michael Hames-García
Review of Price, Mad at School: Rhetorics of Mental Disability and Everyday Life
Stephanie Kerschbaum
Review of Creamer, Disability and Christian Theology: Embodied Limits and Constructive Possibilities
Joanne Murphy
Review of Burch and Kafer, eds., Deaf and Disability Studies: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Sophara Sok
Review of Small, Stitches: A Memoir
Scott St. Pierre