We're back! We served as the DSQ Editors together from 2011-2012 while we were both at The Ohio State University. (Brenda as Editor-in-Chief and Elizabeth as Managing Editor.) In fact, Brenda's editorial period lasted from 2006-2012 and it was at this time that DSQ came to its digital, open-access publishing home with the Ohio State University Libraries. The OSU Libraries remain proud of this partnership because it was also their first foray into digital publishing.

In fact, we have a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT to make about DSQ publishing and the OSU Libraries partnership! The complete archive of DSQ issues has been digitized by the OSU Libraries and is now available online. Volume 1 through Volume 20, no. 3 of Disability Studies Quarterly is archived on the Knowledge Bank site; Volume 20, no. 4 through the present can be found on the DSQ site under Archives. The link to the Knowledge Bank site now appears at the bottom of every page on the DSQ site. We encourage you to take a trip back through time and explore the dawn and development of our field and the journal all the way back to 1982!

As editors we are prioritizing projects for the journal that enhance our diverse, interdisciplinary community, and we are exploring ways to generate dialogue about the articles in DSQ. At a time when the (full-blown) Society for Disability Studies (SDS) conference is on hold for several years, we believe DSQ can be a hub for our community to engage with a particular question, theme, or article in real-time discussion through things like online fora. We also aim to increase the profile of disability studies and DSQ at a number of other academic conferences through networking and panels that showcase the important work of our field. Finally, in the journal itself, we are moving to a different practice of publishing reviews, which will take the form of an annual review issue that includes in-depth scholarly coverage of the year's most important publications. Beginning with this issue (39.1), we will no longer publish reviews in each issue in order to encourage readers to engage more fully with the content of the new articles. We'll send out more information about how to participate in the new review-writing process soon.

The Winter 2019 (39.1) issue features six articles. The pulse throughout all six pieces beats around disability and/in relationships. The opening collaborative article, "Sometimes Allies: Parent-led Disability Organizations and Social Movements" (Allison C. Carey, Pamela Block, Richard K. Scotch) and "Loving the Other: Bodily Imperatives in Companionate Love" (Sarah Smith Rainey) both address the tender —yet strong and supple— nature of close allies and companions in both the history and everyday lives of disabled people. The next two articles take more theoretical approaches to disability identity and realities in personal/local and global refugee locations: "Binary Boys: Autism, Aspie Supremacy and Post/Humanist Normativity" (Anna N. de Hooge) and "Stasis in Flight: Reframing Disability and Dependence in the Refugee" (Alexander C. Dawson). The last twin set of articles in this issue turns the relational gaze back onto "the academy" and higher education itself: "Problematizing Disability Disclosure in Higher Education: Shifting Towards a Liberating Humanizing Intersectional Framework" (Holly Pearson, Lisa Boskovich) and "Addressing Accessibility Issues in Institutional Review Board Policies" (Meg Milligan, Suzanne Tew-Washburn, Kanessa Miller Doss, Joseph P. Giambrone).

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Volume 1 through Volume 20, no. 3 of Disability Studies Quarterly is archived on the Knowledge Bank site; Volume 20, no. 4 through the present can be found on this site under Archives.

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