It was been a busy fall for us in Toledo, as we navigate new courses, support new disability justice centered student programs and celebrate the first majors from our Disability Studies undergraduate program. In the midst of this, we continue to feel honored and, dare we say, inspired by our work with DSQ.

This issue, we noticed that many of our contributors are pushing and expanding our field in new directions. In our first section we understand our contributors to be pushing for a larger archive of visual culture, turning not just to film and reality television, but to sex education training videos.

In our second section, we understand our contributors to be expanding our "field of vision" by opening Disability Studies to new areas of inquiry within traditional disciplinary regimes, from poetry to history.

In our third section, we find our contributors to be "re-visioning" old ideas from Disability Studies, looking at how these ideas hold up in international praxis, from community organizing in Japan to the contemporary policy designed to service people with intellectual disabilities in Ontario.

As usual, these clusters of articles are not meant to be rigid and prescriptive but merely suggestions for our readers as they skim, read deeply, and move between articles and ideas presented here.

In addition, we wanted to give recognition to the 2016 Irving Zola Award winners featured here. Krystal Cleary's article, "Misfitting and Hater Blocking: A Feminist Disability Analysis of the Extraordinary Body on Reality Television" is included in our first section on expanding visual archives. Jean Fanzino's article, "Lewis Clarke and the "Color" of Disability: The Past and Future of Black Disability Studies," is highlighted in our second section, "Expanding Our Field of Vision."

Also, as 2016 comes to a close, and we wrap up our first year as co-editors of DSQ, we give a special thank you to all of our peer reviewers. When we came on board, there was a backlog of submissions, a testament to our growing and exciting field, that required many peer reviewers to go above and beyond traditional journal expectations and review more than two articles in a 12 month period. We thank you for your service and look forward to continuing our work together.

D. Adams, Robert Adams, Tanja Aho, Lynn Albee, Sari Altschuler, Shilpaa Anand, John Anderson, Susan Antebi, Susan Baglieri, Claire Barber-Stetson, Jenifer Barclay, Jennifer Bazar, Angharad Becket, Daryl Bem, Liat Ben-Moshe, Caleb Berkemeier, Arthur Blaser, Pam Block, Dea Boster, Karen Bourrier, Harold Braswell, Jaime Brenes Reyes, Elizabeth Brewer, Kathleen Brian, John Browning, Jeffrey Brune, Jane Buckingham, Susan Burch, Juliana Buritica Alzate, Stephanie Butler, Karisa Butler-Wall, Bernadette Calafell, Kate Caldwell, Fiona Kumari Campbell, Allison Carey, Ryan Lee Cartwright, James Casey, Rohhss Chapman, Tsitsi Chataika, Vandana Chaudhry, Mel Chen, Sally Chivers, Sandie Chun-Shan Yi, Krystal Cleary, Stacy Anne Clifford, Catharine Coleborne, Kathy Cologon, David Connor, Julie Cosenza, Michael Cottingham, Scot Danforth, Debanuj Das Gupta, Telory Davies, Lennard Davis, Elizabeth DePoy, John Derby, Marjorie DeVault, Scott Dillard, Jay Dolmage, Jane Dryden, Tracey Edelist, Elizabet Ellcessor, Katie Ellis, Julie Elman, Nirmala Erevelles, Nicole Eugene, Heather Evans, Anelise Farris, Deanna Fassett, Jim Ferris, Anjali Forber-Pratt, Ann Fox, Benjamin Fraser, Carli Friedman, Michele Friedner, Kelly Fritsch, Dwight Gabbard, Susan Gabel, Edurne Garcia, Rebecca Garden, Elaine Gerber, Carol Gill, Ann Gillies, Lynn Gitlow, Gerard Goggin, Dan Goodley, G. Michael Gordon-Smith, Elizabeth Grace, Jonathan Gray, Benjamin Grazzini, Shaun Grech, Anat Greenstein, Alberto Guzman, Melinda Hall, Beth Haller, Gili Hammer, Aimi Hamraie, Brent Hardin, Paul Harpur, Cassandra Hartblay, Joan Hawkins, Tamar Heller, Miriam Hertz, Katharina Heyer, Leon Hilton, Alec Hosterman, Christopher House, Christine James, Michelle Jarman, Merri Lisa Johnson, John Jordan, Debra Jozefowicz, Encarnacion Juarez-Almendros, Jennifer Justice, Alison Kafer, Devva Kasnitz, Mike Kent, Mary Killeen, Jina Kim, Eunjung Kim, Pamela Kincheloe, John Kinder, Katharine Kittredge, Estee Klar, Anne Kohler, John Kramer, Catherine Kudlick, Saili Kulkarni, Regina Kunzel, Petra Kuppers, Loe Kwa Mei-en, Gladys Lacey, Laurie Lambeth, Jessica Lee, Benny LeMaster, Jessica Lester, Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson, Kurt Lindemann, Maren Linett, Beth Linker, Elizabeth Lockwood, Sonya Loftis, Winnie Looby, Daniel Lopez, Alex Lubet, Eleanor MacIntyre, Susan Magasi, Ravi Malhotra, Andrew Marcum, Susan Matt, Angela McCarthy, Anita McDaniel, Anne McGuire, Bruce McKinney, Nilika Mehrotra, Jonathan Metzl, Julie Minich, David Mitchell, Hannah Morgan, Susanne Morgan, Missy Morton, Kelly Munger, Stuart Murray, Linde Murugan, Herbert Muyinda, Karen Nakamura, Jitka Nelb Sinecka, Denise Nepveux, Sara Newman, Catherine Nichols, Akemi Nishida, Steve Noll, Noam Ostrander, Sushil Oswal, James Overboe, Randall Owen, Susan Palsbo, Ryan Parrey, Lindsey Patterson, David Perry, Theri Pickens, Abdallah Possi, Joshua Potter, Justin Powell, Margaret Price, Michael Prince, Margaret Quinlan, Sarah Rainey, Heather Rakes, Michael Ralph, Geoffrey Reaume, Michael Rembis, Thomas Reynolds, Penny Richards, Jennifer Richardson, Octavian Robinson, Julia Rodas, Heidi Rose, Matthew Rubery, Emily Russell, Ellen Samuels, Tomas Sanchez Criado, Morgan Sanchez Taylor, Carrie Sandahl, Jennifer Sarrett, Ralph Savarese, Walton O. Schalick III, Sami Schalk, Russell Schelby, Lydia Schuck, Mary Schuster, Richard Scotch, Julie-Ann Scott, Laura Seeger, Katherine Seelman, Siobhan Senier, David Serlin, Chris Smit, Phil Smith, Carrie Snow, Natalie Spagnuolo, Scott St. Pierre, Katt Starnes, Carol Stern, Angela Stone-MacDonald, Zosha Stuckey, Sandra Sufian, Robert Sullivan, Leslie Swartz, Debra Swoboda, Louise Tam, Alex Tankard, Jennifer Tennant, Kelly Tenzek, David Thomas, Tanya Titchkosky, Shelley Tremain, Amy Vidali, Sara Vogt, Jessica Waggoner, Chung Wan Woo, Linda Ware, Vanessa Warne, Mark Weber, Nikki Wedgwood, Edward Wheatley, Julia White, Abby Wilkerson, Nick Winges-Yanez, Gregor Wolbring, Cindy Wu, Frank Wyman, Melanie Yergeau, Karen Yoshida, Kathryn Young, Victoria Zascavage, and Lu Zeph.

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