Disability Studies Quarterly
Fall 2002, Volume 22, No. 4
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for Disability Studies

Sex, Intimacy, and Mental Illness: A Personal Reflection

Scott Snedecor
Consumer Liaison, Multnomah County

I want to be able to experience the gifts of life including a close, sexual relationship. My wounds are in need of healing. Being totally available for the interactions that occur in close primary relationships can help me develop my evolution as a whole human and also heal some of the wounds that I have accumulated over the years. I have not had the best of luck in developing healthy relationships. This has been compounded by my thinking and mood problems. I think that when I do develop a relationship that my appreciation for the close bond will be tremendous. That appreciative nature will be a factor on the maintenance of my relationship. Even though multiple events have created problems in naturally maturing and developing relationships, I will put myself out there and be available for love because the drive to connect in a meaningful way is too strong to ignore. It might be easier to have a half-hearted approach but the realization of the gift of true connection would not occur. I am searching for balance in my life.

Copyright (c) 2002 Scott Snedecor

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